Monthly Archives: July 2017


My name is Sarah Arend and I am a recent graduate from a small private school in Roseville, MN called Concordia Academy (from Concordia to Concordia, crazy right?). I am going to be studying Exercise Science {hopefully, eventually} for Physical Therapy. I am attracted to PT because I have had many good experiences with physical therapists, both personal and second-hand. My mom and I have both been helped by PTs for rehabilitation of injuries. I love people, I’m a people person, and I love that PTs help people to be able to do what they never thought they’d be able to again; they can help people get back to doing what they love.

Quick rundown of other things I love:

  • Jesus! I’m super passionate about my faith and I am pumped to see how it grows and continues to evolve over the next four years.
  • My wonderful family! I am the youngest of five, with three brothers and a sister!
  • S’mores and cheesecake! I’m a serious sucker for both of those so if you give me one (or both… Or a s’mores cheesecake, maybe?) I will be your instant best friend.
  • Music (and theater)! I love listening to a range of music, and if you recommend something to me, I’ll listen to it and probably like it. I also play a couple instruments, sing, and have been involved in theater through high school. Theater is something I dearly hope to continue being involved at CSP!
  • Running! It’s a classic love-hate relationship.
  • General spontaneity! If you’re ever looking for a buddy to do something goofy or to make some last-minute plans, I’m probably your girl.
  • Sleep! I love sleep and hold what might be a record of 17 blankets in the wintertime. If someone beats me, I would love to meet them because we would probably get along really great.
  • Tea! I love tea. In the morning. Ah. And maybe a book. And also more blankets.
  • Rudy! He’s my dog 🙂

If you wanna connect, ask questions, or, hey, even meet before CSP begins, my email is I know email is kinda old-school now but I still check mine religiously.

Hope to meet you all soon. I am really excited to be starting at CSP and beginning this next chapter of life!