Homecoming 2017

This whole week built the anticipation for Homecoming, conversations were buzzing with talk of the game, the carnival, what to wear, and who was going. On the Wednesday before, I went with a group of my friends to the mall where we all bought gear to wear — metallic blue leggings, gold pants, face paint, jackets, hats, and various other accessories as each of us wanted. The hours leading up to it were a little crazy since several girls and I went to Wisconsin to the hometown of one of the girl to see her homecoming game. We got back around 10:15am where we rushed to get spirited up with our homecoming gear for the game. Two of us had to sing the national anthem and so at 11:20 we headed to the Buetow to warm up and walked over to the game with the choir. I have sung with choirs before, but I come from a small school so singing with such a big choir for a collegiate game was very different. When the singing was done, the game began!

The game didn’t go incredibly well and we ended up losing, but throughout the whole game the fans I sat by still faithfully cheered and chanted the school song. We sat right by the pep band which was really loud but kept the energy high throughout the game.

When it was finished, we all headed over to the carnival and began to ride rides and eat a ton of food. And it was all free!

In class we are learning about rituals and recognizing the rituals we partake in without even thinking — and yesterday was a great example of rituals. From dressing up in CSP gear to singing the national anthem, we engaged in the common rituals that are done for homecoming games to show school support/spirit and to keep traditions. The carnival, too, was a ritual, though it was a ritual that is specific to CSP. Dressing up with spirit and singing the national anthem are expected at most homecoming games, but the carnival is something that CSP puts on that is unique to the university.

The experience was great — even though we lost the game I had a lot of fun. Studying rituals in class has definitely helping me to identify them in real life. Before I had not even thought about what rituals I take part in, but now as I’m recognizing them and living them out, I’m realizing their significance. Homecoming was a ritual that helped me to feel a stronger tie to CSP and also to the people that I primarily experienced Homecoming with.

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