Jazz Concert


Tonight was the Vocal Jazz and Jazz Ensemble Concert put on by the CSP department of Music. It was held in the E.M.Pearson Theatre. Vox 9 was the first to preform. Vox 9 was some people that I knew — some of whom are in Christus and sang in the Christmas concert. They sang a wide variety of music, from classics like “What a Wonderful World” to Christmas music — inspired by after Pentatonix the acapella music group which do musical compilations. Then came Blue Rondo, the Jazz Ensemble. They also had an impressive repertoire of jazz music with some people that I knew as well.


Something that I appreciate about both Jazz and Acapella music is the intricacies within it. Especially when it comes to acapella music, the people have to be very intune with each other to make it successful– moving together and keeping a close ear to what is going on around them. Jazz pushes the boundaries of what is “acceptable” in music, and that can either be very good or very bad if poorly executed. This is like what we learned in class about how interconnectivity influences what the individuals do and how the whole unit functions. The individuals must be aware of their place and their contribution. And the unit needs each of those parts to be present and preforming properly to work and to be successful.


I always love Jazz music because it is interesting to listen to. It is complex. I can imagine that it definitely isn’t easy to preform, because it can be unpredictable, but it was fun to hear classics that were rearranged in a way that I hadn’t heard before. I also thought that it was good to have both the Vocal Jazz group and the Jazz ensemble together because music is so versatile and it showcased how the same genre of music can sound so different and have a very different interpretation.

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