Lacrosse 2-25-17


The Girls lacrosse game was very interesting. To me, lacrosse is similar to soccer. Bethany and I made signs to support our Honor’s classmate, Tyra. Tyra plays mid-field so she is very fast. She ran up and down the whole field playing offense and defense. In the game Tyra scored one point. During the first half of the game, CSP scored ten points which means in the second half of the game the clock never stops to speed up the game. In the end Concordia won. The score was 23-0.


Concordia Saint Paul’s lacrosse team played an all women’s school from Asher, Wisconsin. Concordia showed no mercy against the Division Three school. What was not well known was that the other team started practicing the beginning of January. The team from Asher got crushed. In Honors we learn about people of color and how they are put at a disadvantage. the Honors class watched a video called, “True Colors”, which shows the truth that people of color are oppressed, “given the short stick,” and generally seen as unfit for jobs. In this situation, the other team was shown no mercy in the game, they were crushed under the feet of the Concordia lacrosse team. Concordia is a Division Two school, while the other team was a Division Three school. The team that was just formed in Asher, Wisconsin was “given the short stick” as they entered the game.


I really enjoyed the lacrosse game. It was nice to see a win from CSP and watch Tyra play. Going to the lacrosse game reminded me of high school. I had fun hanging out with friends and supporting my classmate. I wish the game was little more even, so there was more of a fight. I do not think it was fair for Concordia to play such a new team who is in the Third Division because Concordia had an unfair advantage.

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