Book of the Year: A Good Time for Truth: Race in Minnesota 9-20-17


On September 20, 2017, Sung Yung Shin was the key speaker for Concordia’s book of the year: A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota by Sung Yung Shin. Sung Yung Shin’s main points were to address the effect of colonialism in global history, militarism, mass genocide and incarceration rates, and the effects of racism on education. Yung looked at the White America and White Minnesota that Midwesterners live in and sought to hear the voices of the minorities. She wrote about her personal experiences, her interactions with racism, and the overwhelming presence of racism in America today. She realised that there was not enough literature on the race that had a personal connection to her. After writing A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota, Sung Yung Shin has hoped her audience would learn from, grow, and appreciate others for their differences to build a better world.



Last semester, Honors focused on the topic “Hearing the voices of the marginalized.” Shin capitalized on some main points that directly aligned with last semester’s topic. Honors read a book called, The New Jim Crow. This book talked about the alarming number of people in the prison system and how racially corrupt America is. Shin discussed some statistics that correlated with The New Jim Crow. She stated that Americans are ten times more likely to be killed with a gun and that twenty-five percent of Americans are incarcerated. These devastating facts weigh on America and remind many of the necessary change towards a more united America.



Sung Yung Shin was a more informal speaker. She used stereotypical passive aggressive jokes to draw her audience and remain relatable. Although I liked her style of speaking, I could not follow all of her main points. Her speech summarized our last semester in Honors. One point Shin made was, “Racism is invented to be dismantled. It is not a law of Physics.” It was a good reminder of everything we learned, which is that we need to continue to advocate for, support, and fight with our brothers and sisters in Christ to overcome the hatred and prominent racism in our society.

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