Homecoming Weekend 2017


On Saturday September 30, 2017, The Concordia Saint Paul Golden Bears played Mankato State University. Football is a good gathering for students at Concordia, but at Homecoming weekend all the bleachers were filled with students and families to celebrate the festivities. Before the game, the National Anthem played. Everyone stood respectfully in silence facing the flag. During the anthem, one player, number 4, from the opposing team started beating his chest and pointed one finger in the air. Then he put his hands in a praying position when the song sang, “The land of the free and the home of the brave.” It was cool to see the players get excited and prepare for the big game. Many people came to Homecoming weekend to help celebrate and join in on the excitement. My father went to Concordia as a student and visits for this special event to gather with his friends. Before the game at 9 am, all his friend started the annual tailgating party. My dad and I joined later and conversed with everyone until 1:30pm. Concordia ended up losing this year, but the loss did not ruin the entertainment and good food the carnival provided.



The Honors class is learning about rituals. There were many rituals at the football game and the carnival. Some rituals include: the tailgating party, the National Anthem, and getting corn on the cob every year. At the carnival, my dad, his friends, and their children all get together to take an annual picture of the Banchees, the name of my dad’s friend group, and their family. This small event is also a reminder of the interconnected world Concordia people live in, bringing together generations of family members to create a community.



Homecoming weekend was so much fun. This year I talked to more people at the tailgating party and enjoyed meeting up with old friends. Although Concordia lost, the game was good to watch and even better to socialize at. I was so happy to play carnival games, win free Concordia gear, and eat the annual corn, cheese curds, and wings!

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