Describe: Dorothy L. Sayers, has been an impact-full female figure throughout the world. Studying at Oxford she became the first women to have ever received a degree. Sayers, was a […]

Describe: Concordia, accompanied by neighboring campuses such as St. Thomas and Augsburg, all came together to discuss the very sensitive and complex topic of emigration within the United States. A […]

Describe: Simone Weil was a brave and charismatic woman who stood up for the rights and lives of many during a period in time when the world was faced with […]

Describe: Among the various events hosted on campus, Concordia’s art department invited the campus community to view their Student Juried Art Exhibition. This Art Exhibition was composed of multiple artistic works […]

Describe: Often writing under a  pseudonyms, Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1856), an ordained Lutheran pastor, struggled to communicate to Danish society, which believed that it truly was Christian, a clear view of […]

Describe: On a very chilly and windy spring day, Concordia University hosted the Christus Chorus Tour Concert in the historic Graebner Memorial Chapel. Many were in attendance, including current and […]

Describe: On Wednesday, March 21, 2018 Concordia was proud to welcome alumni and CEO of Thrivent Financial Mr. Brad Hewitt. Those in attendance at Hewitt’s lecture were primarily Concordia faculty […]

Describe: Johnathan Edwards was a puritan and revivalist pastor in Northampton, Massachusetts who was most notable during the period of the first Great Awakening in the U.S. colonies.  Unlike many […]

Describe: Richard Baxter, throughout the chaos of the English civil war in the 17th century, worked to find a resolution between the warring denominational groups in England.  Baxter during that […]

Describe: For the 17th Annual Poehler lecture, Concordia University hosted Professor, Thomas R. Hanson. Held in the Beutow Auditorium, this event brought in a majority of Hanson’s former colleagues, family, […]