Dr. Andrew Bartlet lecture

Does Lutheranism still matter? This was the key topic addressed by Dr. Andrew Bartlet Tuesday evening in the BEC. This lecture was a way in which concordia honored the 500th anniversary of the reformation started by Martin Luther. The audience was composed of a wide range of attendees, which included faculty members, students, and various locals.

Dr. Bartlet’s lecture was a coherent transition into our course topic about being human and christian in an interconnected world. During the lecture Dr. Bartlet brought up the importance of ethnic diversity within the church which had been lacking. This however is in the midst of changing, the church is reaching more ethic backgrounds around the globe in various ways. Such as mission trips and outreach programs that are spreading the gospel.

I believe Dr. Bartlet’s main thesis assessed the ways in which the Lutheran church is thriving and the various tactics we should use to counter the problems within the church and the world. Dr. Bartlet was very keen on the idea of bringing back some of the fundamental traditions within the church, yet finding a way to adapt them to the upcoming generation. He referred to this as the “paradox theory”. After attending this lecture my sense of awareness of the critical role I play in spreading my faith was immensely heightened.


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