Life’s too short to pretend your not religious

Life’s too short to pretend your not religious is a complex yet fascinating novel written by author David Dark. Dark a native of Nashville, Tennessee was appalled by the fact that when religion was brought up in a conversation, it often hindered the conversation from moving on or found a way to divide the two parties. Dark states” I felt a jolt of sympathy, pain whenever someone characterizes someone else as religious, it’s a if a door just got slammed. A person somehow shrink-wrapped”(Dark 13). He tries to knock down the prevalent belief found nowadays that religion doesn’t play a role in own everyday lives.

In order to combat that belief, Dark presents us with a broad view on what it means to be religious stating that” religion is the way in which we dispose our energies, how we see fit to organize our lives and, in many cases, the lives of others”(Dark 18). Dark used a multitude of personal stories, tools to convey his point. Most notably his use of the genre science fiction. Science fiction he states ” Breaks the ice, it’s a call to keep thinking when others have stopped, it almost tricks us into being nerds, spitting us out the other end of a story to discover we have succumbed to an insight we never signed up for” (Dark 81). Whether religious or not dark acknowledges that is our role human beings to step outside our realm and perceive the lives of others, through this we learn.

I truly enjoyed Dark’s novel even though at times it got confusing, due to the constant change from story to story. His title for the book was very wise, it caught you off guard if you expected the book to be more about religious faith. Though the book didn’t have a lot of content on religion, it helps the book not to seem too in your face for those who are skeptic and don’t believe in religion. It makes the individuals who read this book look inwardly as to the experiences, values, things that shape their lives and the way they interact with others, which I believe gets us closer to God.


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