Ovie Embu

Describe: A treatise of Vocation was written by, the renowned puritan theologian, William Perkins. In his treatise Perkins systematically summed up what it meant to have a vocation, as a puritan, in the period of the reformation. A vocation, as defined by […]

Describe: Kingdom Come is a musical, directed by Matthew Webster, which was hosted in Concordia’s unique Westlund Theatre. The audience was decently sized and was composed of mostly Concordia students, […]

Describe: Christians around the world are celebrating the 500th year anniversary of the Lutheran reformation. Concordia, in accordance to these celebrations, hosted, former professor, Dr. Bob Cole to give a […]

Describe: Sulplicus Severus(320-420) was a lawyer within the Roman Empire who was converted by St. Martin of Tours. Severus, wrote a first-hand account on the exemplary life of St. Martin. […]

Describe: The reading from Callings encapsulates the final moments of the North African martyr, Perpetua who was killed by the Roman Empire in the year 203. The story about Perpetua’s […]

Describe: Martin Luther and the Called Life, explores the life of the reformer, Martin Luther, and the pathway that led to his true calling. Set in the early 1500’s, Luther […]

Describe: Among the activities held on campus throughout the week, today Concordia held the vocal jazz & jazz ensemble concert in the Pearson Theater. Numerous Concordia students were in attendance […]

  Framing: It is without doubt that our society is continually changing due to the recent developments of powerful yet nimble technology. These technological advancements have affected the way families, […]

  Describe: It’s that time of the year again, the holiday season has arrived, and Christmas is right around the corner. There are a numerous number of festivities taken place […]

Description: Today, marked the seventh annual Bartling lecture to the Concordia student body and staff. The speaker of the event was Dr. John Bauman, a cousin of Bartling who was […]