John Osborne’s “Luther”

This year Concordia St. Paul’s fall play was John Osborne’s Luther, produced in commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation. The play is not a historical retelling of the events of the reformation, rather it is a historical fiction story about Martin Luther’s father-son relationships. Martin Luther’s relationship with his biological father is portrayed as being one of disappointment. In the play, Luther went through life thinking he was a disappointment to his father and gave up trying to please his father. Luther’s father wanted Martin to be successful in life and not have to settle for mediocracy, because his father knew he was capable of so much. Luther found a more loving father figures in Weinand and Staupitz, his mentors. Weinand and Staupitz had faith in Luther throughout the play and were on his at the Diet of Worms. Luther found courage in Weinand and Staupitz. Luther’s relationship with God was full of doubt and fear, Luther was full of doubt that he did not have Gods favor. Luther’s father-son relationships are all interconnected, he needed all of those relationships in order to achieve all that he did. If it were not for all the people in Luther’s life the reformation would not have happened when it did and the Catholic church would have continued to be corrupt. The event of 500 years ago affect the events of present day, the past, present, and future are all interconnected. The events of the past affect the events of the present, which then affect the events of the future. So the Luther’s actions 500 years ago still affect the actions of present day. All because of the people who were in his life and the affects they had on him.

Seeing this play was an interesting experience for me. For, I am a Lutheran, was baptized and confirmed Lutheran. So seeing the founder of the doctrine I follow portrayed by the play in such a manner that made him appear to be a crazy man was slighting insulting to me. Because Martin Luther is a man I respect and the play did not portray him as respectable man at first. But in all actuality Luther was a slightly ‘mad-man’, for he was very passionate in everything his did, and to most people passion is seen as insanity. But it was Luther’s passion that made him so stubborn to not give up on trying to reform the Catholic church. Ironic isn’t it? That Lutheranism was founded because of change and Lutherans are known to hate change.



Homecoming 2017

Homecoming in college is rather different than homecoming in high school. There is no dance, no homecoming king and queen, no competitions between each class, nor a parade. On the day of the homecoming football game, the pep band woke up early (4am) to make breakfast for the students and also to wake up the freshmen. Before the football game a few members of the pep band performed a mini marching band show, then the pep band sat in the student section of the bleachers and played throughout the game. At the football game students, parents and families, faculty, and alumni were there to celebrate the school because they all identify and associate themselves with Concordia St. Paul.

Homecoming is a time to celebrate our school. We participate in rituals and traditions that bring the CSP community together because we all identify and associate ourselves with Concordia St. Paul. Some of the homecoming rituals and traditions that took place include the pep band making breakfast and waking up the freshmen, and for the second year in a row the marching band performing a pre-game show. The purpose of the breakfast prepared by the pep band is to bring everyone together and get their day started off with a hardy breakfast and to get them excited for the game. Which is the purpose of the whole week leading up to the homecoming game, rituals and traditions to bring the CSP community together.

As a member of the pep/marching band participating in the rituals and traditions is a ritual within itself. Because it brought the pep band members closer together. The pep band is a community within a community. We are leaders at football games to get the student section excited about the game. Experiencing the community coming together first handed was surreal. For when it was happening I was unaware of it, but thinking back it was obvious what was happening. I felt safe at the game, I didn’t experience as much social anxiety as I usually do, because there was a strong sense of community. I felt a sense of belonging, which I normally do not feel, so to feel a sense of belonging puts me at peace.