The Concordia University, St. Paul Concert Band’s Spring Concert

“Concordia University, St. Paul’s Concert Band’s spring concert was beautiful, and the clarinet section sounded phenomenal,” I say as a member of the concert band in the clarinet section. Aside from my biased opinions, the concert and tour went very well. While on tour the band members were able to form closer friendships, which in turn improved our performances. That happened because as the friendships formed and grew, members of the band became more aware of other members. During performance as musicians we are more aware of what’s going on around use, so we balance our sounds and blend to each other creating beautiful music. There were two songs in particular when the band had peaked, Beside Still Waters and Wayfaring Stranger. Both songs had deep spiritual meanings, which allowed the band to connect on the songs. As each musician put emotion into the music and felt connected to piece, the whole band connected to bring the music to life.

Being a musician is a calling; being a band member is a calling. Each individual has multiple callings, just as each member of the band has multiple responsibilities. Every member is responsible for making sure they are in tune with their sections and with the whole band and for the care of their instrument, for learning the music, and for playing their part. Musical composition consists of different parts for each instrument section. For example, the part the tuba plays is not going to be the same part the piccolo plays. And then within each instrumental sections, there a different parts. For instance, there are generally three parts for clarinet, part one playing mostly melody and parts two and three playing counter-melody and harmony. The Concordia University, St. Paul concert band is not a very large ensemble, so most of time it is one person per part. That puts more responsibility on the musicians who are the only ones playing a part. Every part is important because if it was not important then it would not have been written. The same goes for those who are answering the call to be a Christian, because God created each one of us with a purpose for serving Him and our neighbors. If we do not do so, then we are missing out on the wonders of Gods doing.

Music has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember from when I was a baby and my parents would play classical music while slept to being involved in almost every instrumental group at Concordia University, St. Paul. And it has always been a part of how I worship. My parents, brother, and I are all involved in the music groups at our church in Virginia. My mom is the hand bell director and my dad, brother, and I play in the praise teams and in hand bells when my mom needs us to. So I have always known that music is a form of worship and that God has given me the gift of music to worship Him. But band tour and being in band at CSP has taught that music can be used for more than worshiping God. Music can be used to plant the seed of faith in people’s heart, for sometimes they need to hear the right song in the right moment to be moved by the music. Even though my major is not music, I might minor in it, and I fully intent to keep music in life for as long as I can, because God has given me this gift and I shall use it for His glory. Because, if I do not use the gifts God has given me, then I am not doing my part as a Christian to serve Him and my neighbors in everything I do.            

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