Concordia University Ceramics Biennial 2018


“Window Dressing” by Eileen Cohen

The Concordia University Ceramics Biennial is an art gallery curated by Korla Luckeroth Molitor that features ceramic art. One of the featured artist, Eileen Cohen, created this piece called Window Dressing, which caught my eye, because when I think of ceramics, I do not think of bows on a wall; in fact I think of pottery. The artist had written a description for this piece. In the description she talks about how one associates bows with being girly but she wanted to give the bows a masculine vibe to them. She gave the bows a sense of masculinity by painting them black with slightly dull finish. I believe Eileen Cohen’s underlying meaning in this piece is that there is always two sides to everything. Nothing is one sided with one perspective. She achieved her purpose by creating ceramic masculine bows.

Being a ceramic artist and artist in general requires interdisciplinary learning just as the Honors Program at Concordia University, St. Paul. Because artists have to understand perception, how shadows work, angles of perspective, and color theory, there are many components to a piece of art and many steps to create the art. Similarly, in the Honors Program we approach learning in an interdisciplinary way. Last semester in the Honors Program, we studied anatomy and rituals studies. We discussed and explored how ritual studies relates to anatomy and visa versa. The purpose of the Honors Program is to connect faith with learning, to show that God is present in every subject matter and in all aspects of life.

Going to the ceramic biennial gave me a new found appreciation for art. Before, I had thought everyone is an artist in their own way so I didn’t understand what’s so great about art. But taking the time to read the description of Eileen Cohen’s art work allowed me realize that this, making art with ceramics, is her life, it’s her calling, she has found the place where her “deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet” (Frederick Buechner quoted in Callings, 3). She has found what I am still searching for. There are times when I think I have figured out where God is calling me to, but just as things make sense in my life, everything falls apart, things go wrong, or do not go the way I want/thought they should have gone, and I find myself slipping into depression. And I let myself stay there, in depression, because I have lost motivation to do much of anything. I let the darkness consume me, and I fall deeper in, only to hit rock bottom; but that’s alright, because God is The Rock and He is leading me back to Him. It takes the world knocking me down to allow God to lift me back up. And as long as I live my life with Him as my guide, I have found my calling and answered it.


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