“Callings”, Reformation

John Calvin was a Protestant reformer and the founder of Calvinism. He defined the “general calling,” the calling to be a Christian, as an invitation of faith to all. And he defined the “special calling,” as only working in the hearts of the elect to bring them to faith.

John Calvin’s main principle of how to live as a Christian is “God’s gifts is not wrongly directed when it is referred to that end to which the Author himself created and destined them for us, since he created them for our good, not for our ruin” (Callings p. 235). The talents and gifts God has given us will be used in our callings. We are to the talents and gifts God has given us for the service of others. For when we serve others we serve God.

Most people find themselves having more than one talent and gift from God. I am one of those people. God has given me the gift of being musically talented as well as the gift of enjoying and understanding computer science. For the past month or so I have been feeling torn between two my two passions. I see this a dilemma because I feel like I can only go after one of my two passions. But I am now realizing I can follow both, for God give me both passions to serve others, not for me to have to chose. My special calling will incorporate my passions. So I do not need to chose one passion over the other; I just need to be mindful that I am putting the service of others as a top priority.

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