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George Herbert’s poem The Collar describes the conflicts he faced in order to accept his calling. During the time of George Herbert England had declared its own denomination, The Church of England. Within the Church of England Herbert had the potential to hold a position of high authority, but he choose to become a pastor of a small church in the country. Herbert struggled with accepting his calling from God, which is made evident in the poem. In the first half of the poem the rhyme scheme is random and unstructured, for he is expressing how chaotic life is without God and feels in trapped by the world, fear, and sin. Near the end of the poem there is a shift from chaos to order and the rhyme scheme develops a patterns. The shift to order expresses how life with God is peaceful and makes sense. So once Herbert accepted his calling from God his life peaceful, for he was no longer tied down by fear.

This poem can be applied to all Christians and all people, because life is chaotic without God and without knowing one’s purpose in life. For we are all called by God to be servants to our neighbors, and when we accept the call, we are no longer slaves to fear and sin. With God in our lives there is order and purpose.

I am still struggling to understand what my specific calling is by God. I know He is calling me to serve Him and my neighbors, but I do not know exactly how he wants me to do so. I thought I knew what I am meant to do with my life. But recently I have been feeling a stronger call to go into church work. I am hesitant to accept that call because I do not know if it is what God is calling me to do or if it is what I think God wants me to do.

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