Concovation, Live Generously

Brad Hewitt, the CEO of Thriven,t came to Concordia University, St. Paul on Wednesday, March 21. Students and faculty members came to hear him speak. His short lecture was on the meaning of the motto “Live Generously.” He explained that it is not about how we use money, but the mindset we have about money that allows us to live generously.

In his talk Brad Hewitt explained that when we have the proper mindset about money, then we are fulfilling our call from God; because money does not and should not be an obstacle to vocation. Money does not measure our success in life, because when we depend on money, we will always be unsatisfied. So, we must depend on God and we will find peace and comfort in Him. And when we depend on God, our money will be used properly to not only provide for our earthly needs, but also provide for the needs of others.

Attending this convocation gave me some of the tools I need to serve God as a computer scientist; because I have always known that I can serve God through my interactions with others, but I have always been unsure about how we serve God with money. Growing up in the church, I was taught that we need to tithe, to give 10% back to the church. Tithing alone is not enough to serve God. If more money can been given to the church or other organizations, then it should be. Money should be used to serve and benefit others just as our talents. Computer scientists are know to have an annual income of over $100,000, and I did not choose computer science because of the money. I choose it because I know I can be of benefit to others with. And after the convocation, I feel more prepared to serve God in every aspect of my life.

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