Describe: Ulrich Stadler was a leader in the Anabaptist group in Moravia. They baptized only adults who were committed to the community’s discipline. They re-baptized individuals who had been baptized […]

Describe: The Hoffman lecture this year was titled “The Provisional Nature of Truth”. Rev. James Wetzstein, the LCMS campus pastor at Valparaiso University, delivered the talk. He spoke about the […]

Describe: The February convocation for 2018 was presented by the C.A.L.L. center. They announced the travel seminars, study abroad locations, and service trips for the 2018-2019 school year. They had […]

In this section of Callings we looked at the life of people from 500-1500 A.D. Most of the people were monastics who believed that the only way they could serve God […]

Mark Tranvik’s book Martin Luther and the Called Life discusses how Martin Luther’s understanding of vocation can be helpful for the modern Christian. Chapter five discusses how Martin Luther was called […]

Tonight was the combined Vox9 acapella and Blue Rondo Jazz concert. Vox9 performed six different musical numbers. Four of them were Pentatonix songs. They were exploring the complexities of their […]