Tonight was the combined Vox9 acapella and Blue Rondo Jazz concert. Vox9 performed six different musical numbers. Four of them were Pentatonix songs. They were exploring the complexities of their […]

John Bouman delivered the Bartling Lecture for this year. The annual Bartling lecture focuses on history and political issues. Mr. Bouman’s lecture was titled The War of Poverty: From LBJ […]

The play Luther appeared in Concordia’s Pearson Theater this weekend. This play explores the life of Martin Luther, specifically his relationships with the father figures in his life. The play was highly […]

The book of the year is titled A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota by Sung Yung Shin. Sung Yung Shin starts her discussion talking about the reason […]

The movie Hidden Figures portrayed the struggles of three black women who work at NASA in the 1960’s. The women work in a segregated portion of NASA doing mathematical computations and are […]