Reformation Heritage Lecture 2/07

On the evening of February 7th the Honors class attended the Lutheran Reformation Heritage Lecture by Dr. Sarah Hinlicky Wilson. Her talk was titled “Remaking the World with Law and Gospel”. Dr. Wilson discussed some of the common misconceptions surrounding Luther’s Law and Gospel. She took an in depth look at the theology of Luther’s understanding of Law/Gospel distinction.

Dr. Wilson’s Reformation Lecture on Luther’s Law/Gospel distinction correlates very well to faith and learning aspect of the Honors course. The material that Dr. Wilson presented was very dense. The theology involved was difficult and the concepts stretched human understanding. That is the goal of the Honors program. Faith and learning are intertwined into a class where Christ is a lens through which different aspects of the academic world are looked at.

I enjoyed the lecture. There were moments where I did not know all of the vocabulary that Dr. Wilson was presenting. This lecture gave me more insight into a piece of Lutheran Theology that I had never looked at before. I only understood the basic concepts in┬áLuther’s Law/Gospel distinction prior to this lecture.┬áDr. Wilson discussed how the modern issue of immigration fits into the Christian expierance. She talked about how Jesus himself was a refuge. The parable of the sheep and goats was discussed. How we need to be like the sheep and clothe the naked and give food to the hungry.

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