“Adoption Wounds” Art Exhibit on 3/9/2017

This art exhibit detailed one woman’s experiences with adoption. It is Honors Student Clare Beardsley’s Senior art exhibition titled “Adoption wounds. In her exhibition she shows the viewer her struggle with the adoption process. She is trying to portray the darker side of adoption where a child  is taken from her native culture and thrust into a new one.

Clare’s exhibition displayed deep emotion and it was clear that she looked at the world through the lens of emotion. This is one of the 5 ways of knowing we learned about in Honors 110 last semester. Clare portrayed her deep struggles with self-identify. She showed paintings of the issues she had with self harm. She talked a little about how she was able to overcome her issue of self-identity.

Her work was very intense. I liked it. I think she is a very brave woman. She is willing to open up about her personal struggles in order to shed light on the adoption process, which is usually looked at positively. She had a series of three paintings in her exhibition that were paintings of her face. The last one showed her face with many words written over it. They were degrading names and bad feelings she had had during her roughest parts. I just feel so moved by her strength and her willingness to share with the world.

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