Band Concert 3/21

The Band concert on 3/21 was the concert following the Band’s Tour. The band went out west for tour this year. They went through Minnesota, through South Dakota, to Wyoming. They then played different stops on the way back. The set of music they played was the longest set of the year. The music was broken into two 45 minute sections separated by a fifteen minute intermission. The theme surrounded spiritual hymns of different groups of people, and many were southern slave spirituals. There was also a piece written for Buffalo, MN that the band played because it stopped there on the tour.

Last fall, in Honors 110, we discussed the “five ways of knowing”. Through the use of imagination, reason, observation, emotion, and┬árevelation, we were able to make sense of the world. This band concert and band concerts in general use imagination, creating a different world that people can experience. The music takes different forms, swells and deflates, crashes and bangs, and altogether makes many changes. Through music people are able to experience the world around them.

I play tuba in the Concordia band. Playing music with an amazing group of people makes me proud to be a musician. We listen to each other and are able to move together with the music. We put in a lot of hard work to make it sound the way it does. The effort is worth it. The hard works pays off and we are able to express emotions and feelings as a group.

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