Sprance V – 4/28/2017

This year’s production of Spring into Dance (Sprance) was performed the weekend of April 28th. This event is put on by the Theater and Dance Departments. The production focuses on dances that have been choreographed by current and former Concordia students. There were a couple dances that were choreographed by faculty members as well.

In HON 110 we discussed how some people interpret the world by emotions. Many choreographers viewed the world through their emotions, and their dances reflected that. The movements that they choreographed would depict different stories. Some were sad and some where happy. One dance depicted a woman who was struggling with loss. She kept being pulled by figures clothed in black, but she kept getting up. She had a spotlight on her and she was wearing all white. She kept running around and was finally able to get away from the dark figures. It was emotionally intense. The movements showed what the creator was feeling.

My favorite part of Sprance was being able to see other Honors students and friends in the dances. Seeing them dance and do things that I cannot was enjoyable. The production included funny moments and very serious moments. I enjoyed being able to see these hang together in one production.

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