Book of the Year 9/20

The book of the year is titled A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota by Sung Yung Shin. Sung Yung Shin starts her discussion talking about the reason for her book writing. She wanted to write a book that addressed the modern effect of colonialism that is a part of global history. She heard that the voice of minorities were being left out of the modern conversation of race in Minnesota. She realized that there was not enough literature on the issue of race that had a personal connection. She decided to write a book about her experiences.

This book speaks similar words to the topic of Honors 120. We discussed the Lives of Marginalized people and this book does the same. Sung Yung Shin discussed how White Americans need to be more aware of their actions and influence over minority groups.

Sung Yung Shin’s Convocation talk left me confused. I had trouble determining her main point amidst some scrambled facts. The facts that she gave did not seem to be fairly portrayed. She discussed the differances between the education system in Minnesota and Alabama in regards to the percentage of Black students who graduated. She said that the number was higher in Alabama but she did not give us any statistics about the demographics of schools in those states. She also did not do a good job of answering questions. I felt as if she danced around specific questions and disregarded a question about reverse racism by saying “Everyone agrees that it is not real, I could expound on this but I am not going to,” without defining any terms or explaining her position.

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