Luther by CSP Theater Department

The play Luther appeared in Concordia’s Pearson Theater this weekend. This play explores the life of Martin Luther, specifically his relationships with the father figures in his life. The play was highly emotional. The scene that ended the first act involved a heated discussion between Luther and his father. There were many heated words and the tension was riveting to watch.

In Honors 110 we discussed different ways to interpret the world. Two of the ways were through emotion and revelation. In the play, Martin Luther viewed the world through both of these ways. He was very concerned with what the father figures in his life though of him. This had a great emotional impact on him. He also discovered that the Catholic Church had fallen away from the teaching the revelation of the Scripture. He wanted to bring the Catholic Church back to teach what the bible says.

I really liked this play. I think it can be enjoyed apart from a documentary. This play does not try to be a documentary and therefore it should not be looked at as one. I enjoying going to the theater productions. The actors and actresses have dedicated a lot of their time and they are all very committed. They did a really nice job in Luther and I think it brings the campus community closer together.

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