Bartling Lecture 11-15-2017

John Bouman delivered the Bartling Lecture for this year. The annual Bartling lecture focuses on history and political issues. Mr. Bouman’s lecture was titled The War of Poverty: From LBJ to Trump. He is a lawyer who works on rewriting and creating polices toe end poverty on the systematic level. He works to increase upward mobility for the poor.

John Bouman’s lecture fits with the Honors 120 theme of Hearing the voices of the marginalized. We looked at systemic racism in America. A lot of the marginalization of the minority groups was economic. The way the system was designed it would keep people out of power by reducing their ability for upward mobility.

I enjoyed Mr. Bouman’s lecture. He said, “Fighting poverty is about giving hope. Fighting poverty helps everyone in a society, not just the poor”. I think there is a lot of animosity towards the government helping the poor and the poor because they think they are giving or receiving hand-outs. Mr. Bouman said that it is about hope and not hand-outs.

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