2017 Christmas Concert – Glad Tiding of Great Joy

The annual Christmas Concert is always held in the Buetow Auditorium. The Christus and Jubilate Choirs performed. There was also an orchestra that provided the music for the singers. In addition to this the hand bells choir performed a few pieces. This concert is the big one for the semester.

One of the ways of knowing that is studied in Honors 110 is Aesthetic. This fits very well into the Christmas Concert. The performers on the stage are conveying the meaning of the piece through their singing and playing. A few of the songs are in different languages so it is not always easy for the audience to immediately understand what the piece is trying to say. The performers are able to convey the meaning through their pitch, tone, and many other factors.

I have always enjoyed the Christmas Concerts. It is a chance for me to see my friends display their musical abilities. They work hard for a whole semester and it really shows.

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