Vox9 and Blue Rondo Jazz

Tonight was the combined Vox9 acapella and Blue Rondo Jazz concert. Vox9 performed six different musical numbers. Four of them were Pentatonix songs. They were exploring the complexities of their arrangements. They also performed Africa by Toto and Jamaica Farewell in addition to the four Pentatonix pieces. The Blue Rondo Jazz group did many different kinds of pieces. Their first piece incorporated improvisation by the students. There were five different soloists. They also played some more contemporary pieces and a swing type piece.

The performers connect with the audience through the atheistic way of knowing. The performers convey their emotions and the emotions of the song through their musical talents. This was one of the ways of knowing discussed in Hon 110.

I enjoyed the concert. I enjoy acapella music and jazz music. They blended well together. The performs were friends of mine and it was fun to see them using their talents to entertain and teach.

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