Martin Luther and the Called Life

Mark Tranvik’s book Martin Luther and the Called Life discusses how Martin Luther’s understanding of vocation can be helpful for the modern Christian. Chapter five discusses how Martin Luther was called to be a Son, Spouse, and Father. Tranvik has already discussed how Martin Luther came to the vocation of monk and some of the decisions he made in his life. Tranvik is also using this chapter as a transition from the vocational relationships between two people or a family group to the call made by the government and the Christian community.

Luther was first a son. He had some issue with his father from an early age. Hans Luther wanted Martin to become a lawyer and was not very happy when his son became a monk. Eventually the waters smoothed between the two. Martin Luther was also family man once he left his monastic life. He married Katherine von Bora who was a former nun. The two had a dynamic marriage. Katie Luther became the ruler of their estate. Luther continued his whirlwind of theological discussions. Katherine and Martin raised between thirteen and fourteen children together. Six children were their own and they adopted four children. They also raised several other nieces and nephews.

The topic for this semester of Honors is Vocation. Tranvik writes about the many different roles Martin Luther was called to play. In the Honors program the students are called to play many different roles. Students need to wear the hats of many different disciplines of academics. The interdisciplinary nature of the course pushes students to their pest form.

This reading forced me to take a serious look at my own vocational journey. In Tranvik’s description of Luther’s path I saw many similarities to my own path. Luther thought his life was going to be end with him being a lawyer. I thought my life was going to end in a science field. Luther ended up in the field of ministry and that is where I hope to end up.

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