Callings Blog 2/25

In this section of Callings we looked at the life of people from 500-1500 A.D. Most of the people were monastics who believed that the only way they could serve God was through devoting their entire life to Him. Some people did not this this way. The document from John De Joinville describing how King Louis IX reigned illustrated that there could be individuals who sought to serve God in different vocations. John De Joinville painted Louie IX as a good king. He portrays him as a the model of what a Christian king should be and act like. Shortly after the king’s death he became a saint.

This semester of Honors we are looking at what vocation means in our lives. Each person is able to serve those around them in different ways based on their gifts given from God. The monastics had a different view of vocation. They thought that the only vocation pleasing to God was that of the monastic life. In class we have discussed how we can be of service to others and glorify God in any kind of work we do.

I find it challenging to picture myself living a cloistered life. I plan to devote my life to God, as a pastor, but I struggle with envisioning myself doing this by being shut away. I related to the document about Louis IX because of the account John De Joinville gives about him. The king is described as being modest in drink, eating, clothing, and manner. The king strove to be a good example for his subjects and he tried not to abuse his power. As a pastor I will not have subjects, but the congregation will look at me to be a model for Christian behavior. I would like to have some of the same attributes that John De Joinville wrote about king Louis IX.

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