March 2018

Describe: The annual Poehler Lecture was given by Professor Thomas Hanson. He has served Concordia for more than 30 years in different roles. He spoke on March 13th about the […]

Describe: Ulrich Stadler was a 16th century leader in the Anabaptist group in Moravia. They baptized only adults who were committed to the community’s discipline, re-baptizeding individuals who had been […]

Describe: The Hoffman lecture this year was titled “The Provisional Nature of Truth”. Rev. James Wetzstein, the LCMS campus pastor at Valparaiso University, delivered the talk. He spoke about the […]

Describe: The February convocation for 2018 was presented by the C.A.L.L. center. They announced the travel seminars, study abroad locations, and service trips for the 2018-2019 school year. They had […]