Christus Concert 4/6/2018


TheĀ Christus home concert was on Friday, April 6 in the Chapel. This was their home concert after their tour in Florida over spring break. They held their concert in three different sections. Their first section was titled “The Saving Grace of the Father”. The second section was titled “Jesus, our Gracious Savior”. The third section focused on the Holy Spirit: By Grace, Saved through Faith. Since their concert was over Holy Week, they had many traditional and non-traditional Holy Weeks songs sung in English, German, Slavic, Spanish, and Latin.


One of the ways that people can observe the world is through music. This was one of the sections that was talked about in Honors 110. Music gives people a way to experience feelings that can be hard to describe with just words. The music gives an extra dimension to words. The music can create a heavy or light feeling depending on how the music goes. This extra feeling, combined with words creates a product that is more moving then the sum of the parts separately.


I enjoy the Christus concerts. Their vocal talent always blows me away. Psalm 98 and 100 say that we can make a joyful noise for the Lord. When I sing, I try to make a joyful noise, but it is not always a pleasant noise. The members of the Christus choir always make a pleasant and joyful noise when they sing. Their musical abilities help me to embrace the emotions that surround Holy Week. They help me to feel the crushing weight of my sin that Jesus died for, and the rejoicing in the Resurrection.

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