Spring into Dance 2018


This year marked Concordia’s 6th annual production of Spring into Dance. “Sprance”, as it is affectionately called, is a mostly student choreographed dance production. Students, as well as CSP Alumni choreographed dances that other students participated in. The director of the dance department also choreographed two of the larger dances.


Spring into Dance embodies the emotional way of knowing that we discussed in Honors 110. People use different lenses to view the world with. One way is through emotion. The choreographers let their emotions drive their pieces of art. They instruct their dancers to portray a specific feeling, then the dancers portray this emotion to the audience. The swing dance piece had a light and fun feel to it. The dancers had smiles on their faces and their movements were light and happy.


I like spring into dance because it allows people to express their emotions without words. Expressing my emotions through words has never been a strong suit of mine. The choreographers created different moods using, movement, lighting, and sound to create an emotional experience that extends beyond the sum of the parts. The dances can express happy emotions or deep sadness. They can make people laugh or cry. The choreographers carefully connected every element of the dance together to create feelings that words cannot express.

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