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Howard Thurman Lived from 1899-1981. He was deeply committed to the non-violence movement and inspired Martin Luther King, Jr., and other leaders in the civil rights movement. A sermon he preached on the campus where he was a pastor many was on Matthew 4:1-11, Jesus being tested in the wilderness. In the devil’s second temptation, he challenges Jesus to jump off of the top of the temple because he knows the angels will protect him.


In his discussion of the second temptation, Thurman connects the devil’s challenge to students who pray for a good grade on a test that they did not study for. Thurman writes “In other words, they expected a miracle. What they received was what they had rated – failure” (Callings 387). He goes on to talk about how we can not be deceived by illusions, but we are able to see God moving in the unfolding of antecedents and consequences” (Callings 387).  The Honors program is academically rigorous. The course requires planning and foresight on assignments. There have been times when Honors students have prayed for miracle to happen in their academic work.


Tackling the academic rigors of the Honors program has made me a better student. I am better about planning ahead for assignments. I know my academic strengths better now. I know that memorizing facts and terms is not a strength of mine. I am thankful that the Honors program has challenged me academically and made me into a better student.

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