Callings Blog Post-Christian 2


Dorothy Sayers lived from 1893 to 1957. She studied medieval literature at Oxford university. She was one of the first women to receive a degree from this university. She critiques communism and capitalism in her essay”Vocation in Work”. She writes that people are made in the image of God. She says that, God is a creator and by extension humans are also creators. She thinks that communism and capitalism remove the craftsmanship from the human experience (Callings 406). Capitalism, at this time, was heavily influenced by manufacturing jobs. In communist idealogy, humans where defined as economic beings.


Honors 220 has focused on Christian vocation. We have looked at the calling to be a Christian and what Christians are called to do with their life. Sayers is addressing some of the holes in our discussions of Christian calling. Is it really a calling if the works seems menial? This question challenges our discussions that everyone can live out vocation in everything that they do.


I have wrestled with how to view the Christian calling, even if it is menial work. I have worked some seemingly pointless jobs in my life, but I have never considered them to be outside my calling. They have always been in service to others. I still do not have enough experience to make a decision. People who work on factory lines may have a tough time calling their line of work a Christian calling. I still think that people can be of service to their neighbors because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, but it is hard to discern exactly how to go about this.

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