The Trinity has been “described” in many different ways: an apple, water, etc.  In Chapter 17: “All for a Letter”, Hansen describes the Trinity as a dance.  Even though this was just a couple of sentences in the chapter, it really resonated with me.  I am a ballerina, I have been taking ballet since I was five, so the idea of the Trinity being like a dance, connected with me in a way other descriptions have not.  The way each individual is separate but together in a dance is something that I understand.

Dancing in a group, we are often told to “breathe” together.  This doesn’t technically mean to synchronize our breathing, but to feel each beat of the music and each movement together as a group.  It is such an amazing feeling to dance with some of your best friends and truly feel every “breath” together.  In the same way, the Trinity is three-in-one, they are all individual, but “breathe” together.

When I watch dances I tend to either watch the group as a whole and not see each individual dancer, or only focus on one dancer and not the whole group.  Focusing on one dancer can be really interesting and allows you to specifically see how that dancer feels the music and choreography, but it keeps you from seeing the big picture of the dance.  If we focus only on one aspect of the Trinity, Father, Son, or Holy Spirit, we miss out on the big picture.

The Dance of the Trinity

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