Dr. Sarah Hinlicky Wilson shared and criticized false views of law and gospel in her presentation “Remaking the World with Law and Gospel” on Tuesday, February 7, 2017.  The first false interpretation of law and gospel that Dr. Wilson shared is the idea that the Old Testament is all law and the New Testament is all gospel.  In reality, there is law and gospel in both the Old Testament and the New Testament.  Another false view of law and gospel is that Christians no longer need the law.  However, the law describes how we should live as Christians.  Dr. Wilson explained that the law and gospel are tied together in Jesus.  He is both the gospel and the law.  The gospel in Jesus is His sacrifice of Himself for the sins of the world.  He died so that we can live forever.  The law in Jesus is demonstrated by his perfect life and Jesus sets an example for how we should live.  Once we have received Christ’s love through the gospel we are called to live out that love through the law.

Living out the law and gospel relates back to the “ways of knowing” from last semester of Honors and to this semester as we learn about the marginalized.  Last semester we talked about the “way of revelation” and how Christ changes my story by entering it as someone like me.  Jesus lived a perfect life as an example for me, and died so that I could be forgiven and live forever.  Following Christ’s example also plays into this semester of Honors as we talk about the marginalized in society.  Jesus died for everyone and welcomes all into His kingdom.  As a Christian, I should be welcoming to everyone and not exclude anyone.

I enjoyed the Reformation Heritage Lecture.  Dr. Wilson was engaging and very well spoken.  She presented her ideas clearly and in an easily understandable manner.  I had heard the false views of law and gospel that she addressed before, but it was interesting to learn about why they are wrong in a more detailed manner.  I look forward to hearing her speak again.

Reformation Heritage Lecture

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