On Thursday, April 6, 2017, the Jubilate choir lead a Lenten Vespers service called Trio of Peace.  The service included readings and songs about inner peace, peace with humanity, and peace with God.  The service began and ended with sections from the Service of Evening Prayer.  There were readings interspersed with songs as well as a time for prayer.  The songs included hymns, such as “When Peace Like a River,” that the congregation was invited to sing.  Jubilate sang pieces from many different time periods and in a variety of languages.  The service was a lovely reminder of the peace we have as God’s children, especially during this time as many students are stressed with upcoming finals and large assignments.

The Jubilate Vespers was a wonderful demonstration of how the “ways of knowing” can work together.  Many of the songs were inspired by Scripture and focused on God, combining the “way of Revelation” and the “way of Imagination.”  Emotion is also closely connected with imagination, because many artists create from their emotions.  After the service, I left feeling a sense of calm and peace and a reminder of God’s love.

I participated in the Vespers service as a dancer in a piece titled “Gamaya.”  Professors Shari Speer and Jan Puffer collaborated on this piece for the Vespers service and for Spring into Dance.  The translation of the words in “Gamaya” is “From untruth lead me to truth.  From darkness lead me to light.  From death lead me to life.  Peace, peace, peace.”  This is a beautiful reminder that God is our ultimate source of truth, light, life, and peace.  One of the other pieces I enjoyed was called “Ose Shalom” (“The One Who Makes Peace”).  This peace was sung only by the men in Jubilate.  The translation of “Ose Shalom” is “The One who makes peace in the heavens, (may) He make peace for us and for all Israel, and let us say, let us say amen.”  God has brought His people through many trials before and He will not desert us or leave us now.  Our ultimate peace can be found in this promise of salvation.

Jubilate Lenten Vespers: Trio of Peace

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