Right from the introduction, I was intrigued by this book.  This summer I have spent a lot of time thinking about actions and how they reflect faith, which is much of what the introduction addresses.  Dark believes that religion should apply to a person’s whole life and be the core of their actions and values.  Religion is a “controlling story” (pg. 15).  I especially loved his thought, “Your religion is your witness is the shape your love takes” (pg. 23).  As a Christian, I want my love to reflect my faith to everyone I meet, and this book has challenged me to think more carefully about what my actions are reflecting about my faith.

Although I just used the term Christian to describe myself, in Chapter One, Dark states that he does not like sentences that start with “As a Christian…” (pg. 41).  On this page Dark uses the term Christianity not to describe a faith, but to describe the actions that come out of that faith.  While I understand his point, and agree that we can never be Christ-like we can only strive to be as Christ-like as humanly possible, overall I disagree.  To me, describing myself as a Christian is not describing how I act, but describing the salvation I have in Jesus.  Being a Christian is from nothing that I have done, but only from what Jesus has done.  And if I cannot call myself a Christian, what am I?  Despite this disagreement, I am excited to continue reading the book as I have so far enjoyed Dark’s writing and thoughts.

Life is Too Short to Pretend You’re Not Religious: My Thoughts So Far

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