Having finished, “Life’s Too Short to Pretend You’re Not Religious” by David Dark, I have a mixture of thoughts.  Honestly, I think my favorite part of the book was the introduction which I touched on in my last post.  I also enjoyed Chapters 4 and 5, which discuss community.  Dark spent much of these chapters emphasizing that being in relationship is an essential part of religion.  For Christians, this means a relationship with God, but we are also called to relationship with the people around us.  Preparing to be an RA in Luther and for a career in ministry the quote “witness calls for withness” has stuck in my mind since I read it (pg. 88).  Far too often I can get caught up in my own life and forget how important relationships are.  Another quote or idea that I keep thinking about was when Dark mentioned smart phones and how they have harmed human relationships.  At first, I was rolling my eyes at this section, because so many modern books like this mention this topic.  Dark, like many others, accuses us of using our phones as an excuse to escape from people or conversations; however, Dark’s writing made me think about this issue in a different way.  How many times have we pulled out our phones when the conversation gets boring, or when we’re surrounded by strangers?  This section made me wonder what on my phone was more important then people around me and the relationships I could be making.

Overall, I thought “Life’s Too Short to Pretend You’re Not Religious” had many good insights and was intriguing.  Dark made a lot of references to science-fiction or other cultural things that I am not interested in, so those sections lost my attention.  I also found that in many of the chapters I did not understand how Dark’s stories or illustrations connected to his main point.  I do agree with Sarah’s point about Dark’s statement that everyone is religious and religion can be with an inanimate object cheapens the idea of religion.  However, this book left me with many thoughts and ideas that I want to carry into my everyday life.

Religion and Relationships are Non-optional

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