A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota

On Wednesday, September 20, 2017, Sun Yung Shin came to speak about the book she co-authored, A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota, which is Concordia’s book of the year.  Mrs. Shin began by sharing a variety of facts and opinions on race.  She spoke about borders, conversations about race, the hunger for the truth, the invention of race, the genocide and expulsion of the Dakota people, incarceration, militarism, the United States budget, graduation rates for people of color in Minnesota, and some of her story.  The talk ended with a short question and answer segment.

Mrs. Shin’s presentation touched on a lot of the topics discussed in last semester of Honors, Hearing Their Voices: Globalism, Justice, and the Lives of the Marginalized.  It also relates to this semester of Honors, Being Human and Christian in an Interconnected World.  Our world is becoming more and more diverse and, in order to connect with one another better, we need to eliminate racial divisions.  Mrs. Shin says she believes one of the solutions to solving these divisions is to hear the unspoken truths of the oppressed.  This is one of the goals of the book, A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota.  Before we can grow and change, we first need to listen and learn.

To be honest, I think that Mrs. Shin had a lot of helpful information, but I did not understand the point she was trying to make.  Mrs. Shin jumped around between topics throughout her presentation, and I had a hard time following where she was going.  During the question and answer portion, a few people asked about possible solutions for various problems involving race.  Mrs. Shin encouraged us to listen and learn from people of color, and particularly the Dakota people that were native to Minnesota, but beyond that, she did not really have any solutions or plans of action.  After the convocation I was left with a lot of information, but the feeling of “what can I do to fix it?”.

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