Spoon River

Spoon River was a musical production directed by Kate Sandvik, a CSP student. Sandvik used the poems from Spoon River Anthology and adapted them into her production of Spoon River. The musical features a girl attending the funeral of her grandfather. As she remains in the cemetery after the burial to reflect, the people that already rest in the cemetery rise and share their life experiences with her. They give her insight on the past inhabitants of Spoon River and allow her to share in small snippets of their lives that they share.

In Honors, we have learned about how people know things. Some people gain insight from others sharing their experiences. The girl in Spoon River is allowed to experience many things through the townspeople that she never would have been able to otherwise. She learns about life and death, hopes and dashed dreams, and love and despair. She uses history as way of learning more about the human experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed the production. Spoon River expanded my knowledge and what I typically think of when I think of musicals. The monologues were all connected. Some were directly related and others were only connected by the fact that the young girl was always the targeted audience of the story. Hearing the different lives and what the people deemed as the most worthy of being told allowed me to reflect on my own life. It let me begin thinking about what I deem most important and if I were to die, what I would want to pass on to someone else. This has helped me become more focused on my goals for my life and become more aware of what I want to accomplish and what I want to define me.