Privilege Walk 2017

On Monday, March 27, 2017, the Honors Program hosted a privilege walk with the help of CHUSA and UMOJA. Concordia Hmong Unity Students Association(CHUSA) and United Minds Of Joint Action(UMOJA) are two of the diversity groups on campus. The privilege walk was hosted to help us and the Concordia community begin a conversation about privilege and what it means to different people. It allowed for a safe environment to have this conversation with adults who are trained to facilitate the event. The actual privilege walk began with everyone standing on a line across the room. A statement would be read and then according to the directions that accompanied the statement, people would take a step forward or backward. This was to give people a visual representation of how privilege affects different people. Following the walk, everyone that participated sat in a large circle to have a discussion on the feelings and thoughts that were evoked by doing the walk. After the discussion there were refreshments and people stayed to chat with each other and meet new people.

This walk allowed people that aren’t in the Honors Program take a peek into what we are studying this semester. Part of the conversation after the walk was about what people that may have a privilege can do to help others that may not have the same privileges that we do. This is what we are also thinking about in Honors, working on “hearing the voices of the marginalized.” I think this is an important lesson for everyone to learn and I am very glad that we were able to share that lesson through the privilege walk.

I thought the privilege walk was very beneficial to everyone who participated. It allowed people to hear about experiences that are different than their own. Having the opportunity to learn about other people is very important to me, and I am glad that this event facilitated that. It allowed for people to be very open and honest, if they wanted to be. I always appreciate hearing from other people and that was encouraged during this event.

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