Poetry Convocation

April is national poetry month, and for this last convocation of the year there was a variety of people reading poetry. The convocation began with an introduction about politics and art with references to Kennedy and his speech about the arts. The poetry selections included poems about poetry, summer camp, wordplay, music, hateful dogs,  and differences. Many Billy Collins poems were read. There were also several people who wrote the poems they read themselves. These poets all enjoy poetry and the arts for different reasons. The reasons ranged from poetry just being cool to poetry allowing people to express themselves in ways they otherwise could not.

These poems not only expressed how the poets felt or how the reader felt, but they also allowed the audience to experience emotions. The poems allowed for a brief respite from the stresses of the end of the semester. Some of the poems brought laughter and others brought feelings of melancholy. All of these poems showed how the arts can be a way of knowing for some people. People who learn about the world and who learn about themselves through the arts use the different artistic mediums to express themselves. This way of knowing is just as valid as knowing through logic, observation, emotions, and revelation. All of the ways of knowing are different, but all can be used to find truth.

I really enjoyed the poetry that was read today. Each poem that was chosen to be read was chosen for a reason. I also think that the people who read poetry for us today allowed the listeners to receive a glimpse of what is important to the person. Some of the readers valued bringing joy and laughter and others used the platform to share a personal experience or to share a piece that brought forth a strong emotional reaction. I think it is so cool that people were able to share this poetry with us today and I am so thankful for this poetry reading convocation.

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