Student Art Opening

On April 20, 2017, Concordia had its annual CSP Student Juried Exhibition opening reception. The gallery consisted of pieces of art created by the students of CSP. The different types of art included photography, graphic design, acrylic paintings, pencil drawings, and ceramics. One rather unusual piece was a geometric sculpture made from masking tape and cardboard. The pieces evoked different feelings from the observers, including joy, sorrow, and serenity. Music that played in the background gave an upbeat feel to this exhibition. The artists were also in attendance and any observer could see the pride of the artists as they showed friends and family the artworks that they have worked diligently on.

For many of these art students, creating pictures and sculptures is a way to express themselves. It allows them to speak their truth into the world. Truth was a topic that we focused on last semester in Honors, and we learned about the different ways of knowing truth. For some, the most impactful and relevant way to know the world is through aesthetic, or the fine arts.

I thought the student juried exhibition was wonderful! This is the first one I have gone to and I will definitely be attending annually. I love being able to see my classmates and friends excel and show their hard work to the world. One of my favorite pieces had to be a sculpture of a blue octopus! I thought that it was adorable and a fun piece to admire.

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