Spring into Dance V

This year marks the fifth annual Spring into Dance show. The show was full of energetic dance numbers along with some very moving and emotional ones. One energetic piece that stands out to me was the piece choreographed by Alex Johnson to the music of “24K Magic.” The audience could tell how much fun the dancers had while putting together this upbeat piece of dancing. One of the slower, more emotional pieces that stood out to me was “My Beth.” It used the story from “Little Women” to create a piece that showed the feelings of losing a loved one.

Dancing is one of many ways to express the way a person is feeling. One of the choreographers mentioned that there were feelings he could not express with words, but through dance he could. This is a great example of how people use the fine arts to interpret the world around them and to communicate what they feel to the world.

I thoroughly enjoyed Spring into Dance. It was great to see all of the hard-work that my friends have put in during this second semester pay off. I cannot wait to see how Spring into Dance advances in the upcoming years and what the dancers will accomplish.

Shades of Harmony

On Thursday, April 27, the gospel choir from CSP held the annual Shades of Harmony concert. The CSP Gospel Choir and the Saint Paul Community Gospel Choir performed pieces separately and two collaborative pieces. The two pieces that the choirs sang together were at the end of the concert. The first song, “Better,” is about not being discouraged about the current circumstances, but instead to be hopeful about the future, because it will get better. The second song, “I am a Friend of God,” was an upbeat song that got the audience involved.

Being a part of the Gospel Choir showed me how music can create a community. First semester we discussed how music can unify people and being a part of that concert gave me a first hand experience of that. I felt a part of a community especially during “I am a Friend of God.” Not only were the choirs singing, but the audience joined in too.

I really enjoyed being a part of the gospel choir this semester. I was a little apprehensive of it at first because it was a totally new experience for me. However, I was able to make many new friends because of the choir. I look forward to next year and seeing how the choir changes and improves.