This weekend was the annual Concordia Homecoming weekend, an event that unifies the school by gathering students, faculty, alumni, friends, and family to the campus for the homecoming football game, events, and even a carnival. The most important day of this event was Saturday, the day of the football game. All students were able to get into the game for free and cheer on their school team with their family and friends in the bleachers. Activities such as face painting and carnival rides surrounded the field and were available for people to enjoy in addition to the sporting event. Most people stayed at the game until the end, and then made their way to the carnival food stands and rides (and a petting zoo) to enjoy the rest of their evening.
This event’s goal was to unify the schools current and past members by having fun and showing school spirit. In light of this course, we can see several themes overlapping. The biggest of these is living in an interconnected world. This school-wide event is a great example of how humans are social creatures and how we long for interaction and to feel like we are a part of something greater. The network of students, faculty, alumni, friends, and family is immense at this event and creates a social energy that promotes connection. Parents visit their children, faculty catch up with students, and alumni reconnect with past friends- these are all examples of the connection that humans crave. This event was very ritual-like in its actives as well, such as the singing of the national anthem, the symbol of our mascot and school colors, and the order of the events that took place, which all play a crucial role in the event. It is definitely one of the students’ favorite rituals here at CSP.
I thought that this event was a very fun and efficient way to bring people together to support a common cause. It gave me a chance to meet new people and, being a freshman, learn more about Concordia traditions. The knowledge I now have about rituals and being human in an interconnected world made this experience much more interesting overall. It made me think deeper about the meaning behind the event and what it accomplishes. I think this event is overall a great example of being united and unified under a commonality. I think most people love the idea of getting involved with their school in one way or another, and this event offers the perfect opportunity to do so. Even just showing up impacts the school because it shows support. I really enjoyed the fun activities and the sense of school spirit on Saturday, and definitely plan on attending next year.

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