Callings: Post Christian

Describe: Walter Rauschenbusch was a Baptist pastor and theologian. He spent many years teaching in the rough neighborhoods of New York City and exploring how Christians can bring their faith into the workplace, no matter what position, class, or demographic they belong to. He also explores how “class” and the differences between groups of people lead to negative effects in society, and that’s where both personal and social religion comes in.

Integrate: I think this writing is something very relatable in today’s society. We experience division in our society all the time. One quote by Rauschenbusch that I enjoyed was “The demand for equality is often ridiculed as if it implied that all men were to be of identical wealth, wisdom, and authority. But social equality can co-exist with the greatest natural differences” (Callings, pg. 379). I think that as Christians trying to live out our vocations in this fallen world, we sometimes can feel hopeless. But Rauschenbusch’s writing is a good reminder that even the little things we do for our neighbor and the faith we have in Christ are what ultimately gets us through.

Evaluate: I very much appreciated this reading because I felt that I resonated with it well. Living in today’s capitalistic and opinionated society comes with its challenges, but being able to have the foundation of Jesus and my relationship with Him is what has given and will continue to give me hope.

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