Callings: Post Christian #2

Describe: Dorothy Day was a very motivated activist who spent her life writing, protesting, and serving the poor. In her writings, she made her stances clear and asked questions that prompted the reader to re-think how the church and society handle certain issues. In her quote “Is it not possible to be radical and not atheist? Is it not possible to protest, to expose, to complain, to point out abuses and demand reforms without desiring the overthrow of religion?” (pg 414), she asks the tough questions and makes readers think.

Integrate: Day’s passion for her work is so clearly fueled by the love of God. Her vocation and her love of serving those around her are very apparent her both her writings and in her life’s work, from her activism to her service of those who have less than her.

Evaluate: I enjoyed Day’s writings because I feel like we have similar personalities. She is inspiring to me because of her bravery and how bold her work is and the impact it makes. She was able to combine her love of serving others and her bold personality into her vocation, which I admire.

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