Higinbotham Presentation

D.I.E Post 2: 2016 Higinbotham – The World Within

Kao Kalia Yang was a former professor for Concordia University, and currently teaches at Carlton. She is of Hmong culture, born in Thailand, and came to America during her childhood. She is the author of the books, Latehomecomer and The Song Poet. She starts her speech by giving a background of her, while at Concordia. She then goes into her personal life talking about the job losses of both her parents and the miscarriage of her firstborn. She talks about the time she was little, with her dad singing a song at New Years. That her dad had one album out of music and that they lived of the money he made from that album, which was five thousand. She continues with talking about her grandmother and how the book, Latehomecomer, is a goodbye letter to her. She then has the speech become directed by the audience. The audience asks a series of questions about why she wrote and her hmong heritage. Those questions where were she based her speech allowing for the people to see the world within her. This was allowed because she took the audience inside her world within by her use of emotion to let the people see her truth.

Emotion from the five ways of knowing is seen throughout her speech. When she talked about her grandmother, her father, and her struggles, one could see and hear the emotion that she presented in her speech. The emotion she shows, lets a person know that she is being genuine and tell the truth.  Not only does the emotion tell us about her truth, but allows her to find her own truth. The struggles she endured throughout her life helped he come to find who she is. They gave her the mindset to live each day, so that if she died she knew she died a good day. That means her day having meaning and importance to her. Emotion allows for people to look inside themselves to know the truth about them and who they are. The emotion she uses, overall, give her speech what it needs to leave a lasting mark on the audience.

Yang gave a very good speech. It was different for me because I have never been to a presentation where someone basis of the speech comes from the audience. I liked how she introduced herself by talking about her past in connection with her book. The audience then kept it close together and not going many different directions. She was asked about her writing and her past, she connected the two together very nicely. The way she talked sounded poetic, which made sense she admired many poets and writers. I wish that she talked more about her experience and the books she did longer before letting question direct the speech. Overall, this speech was really good. It allowed for me to see her world within, but to show me that my world within comes from my experiences and how I interpret them.