March 21 Band and Orchestra Concert

Concordia Chamber Ensemble and Concert Band Concert

Tuesday, March 21, was the chamber ensemble and concert band concert. First was the chamber ensemble under the direction of Alison Fahy. In the ensemble were two violin, two violas, a cello, and an upright bass. They performed two pieces before the band. The performance for the band was their home concert after a five day tour through South Dakota and Wyoming. The band consisted of six flutes, an oboe, two clarinets, two alto saxophones, two tenor saxophone, a bass clarinet, a bassoon, six french horns, six trumpets, five trombones, a baritone/euphonium, two tubas, and six percussionists, all under the direction of Aaron Isakson. In the concert were eight different pieces: “Groove Music,” “Gathering Places.” “Buffalo Dances,” “ Into the Light,” “Communion,” “With Each Sunset,” “White River Revival,” and “American Flourish.” In between each Isakson would talk about each piece and parts of what happened on tour. There was an intermission that was in between the fourth and fifth piece. Overall, the whole concert lasted around two hours.

In Honors 110 the five way of knowing- reason, observation, emotion, revelation, and imagination- were taught. Imagination is the arts: music, theatre, sculptures, painting, drawings, and pieces of literature. The concert is a prime example of imagination because of the music performed. It can also be an example of emotion because some of the types of music performed can bring out emotion in the musicians and audience. It can can be represent emotion by how the music is written. A happier pieces would have a lot more places of loud music, fast tempo, and groovy upbeat rhythm. A sadder piece usually has more crescendos and decrescendos, a slow temper, and softer sound. Honors 120 is about the hearing the voices of the marginalized with this year’s focus on racism. This concert helped represent the voice of Africans Americans with the piece, “Gathering Places,” that was dedicated to the Civil Right Movement and the museum that is in Greensboro, North Carolina. The songs that were put into the piece were songs of brotherhood and songs from the African American culture, creating a beautiful piece of remembrance and emotion.

This concert was an amazing concert to me, and it’s not just because I am in the band. I was skeptical, in the beginning, because of the struggles we had putting everything together. We were never able to play all these within our hour class time on both Mondays and Wednesdays. But with each concert each piece got better, even though we had doubts about some. By the time of our home concert the pieces were at our best, even though there were little spots of mistakes. My favorite piece was “Buffalo Dances” because I liked how there were different instruments features throughout the piece. It had different styles of music with different tempos. I especially liked the piece because I got to stomp on the floor and use a plunger as a mute to make buffalo-like sounds with my trombone. I also liked this piece because we practiced this one more than some of the others, and therefore it was one we played bed. I really liked this concert better than our first because I had more songs that our band liked and gave a wide range of music. None of our pieces will ever be perfect because one never can be, but we played our best which is as close to perfect as we can get.

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